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March On: Ways to Motivate Your Way Through March


Motivational Quotes

Whenever I feel like I need a lift or a boost to get motivated and inspired to keep going, I look for motivational quotes. Sometimes the task at hand seems insurmountable and remembering that you're not alone and that someone else has likely faced similar challenges always inspires me to keep on going....


Minion Movie - Puppy A Minion Short Movie: Puppy
“This beautiful and touching movie starring the wonderful minions of “Despicable Me” fame will warm your heart and bring a smile to one of those dreary days that March can bring.”


Bordine's Nursery Flowers

Having one of my favorite flowers near the kitchen sink is something that motivates me through the last days of winter.


Anita's KitchenPodcasts

I often turn to podcasts for motivation. There are so many great ones but one that never fails is Entrepreneur on Fire. The host, John Lee Dumas, brings such enthusiasm to his podcast and to letting people share their work and life stories for us all to learn from. Even if you aren't an entrepreneur you may find motivation in your creative endeavors or life in general from Entrepreneur on Fire.



Fragranced Candles

Lighting a specially fragranced candle (favorite flower scent, or lemon/citrus, for example) helps me through the last of winter.



To motivate me through the last throws of winter I love to listen to music.  Pandora has a selection to meet any mood from "get up and dance" to  contemplative meditation.


Everyday Wonderment

Everyday Wonderment

Every day is filled with moments of wonderment which can inspire us to keep moving forward. HGJ's own blog, “Everyday Wonderment” is a wonderful reminder to pay attention to the beautiful world that is around us all the time. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to receive a bit of wonderment in your inbox every week.

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