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March/April 2010


Geri Ryan-Harden

 I see them straining inland,

Stretching away from the winds

That blow from Lake Michigan’s waters

Roots pushing at the earth

Trying to escape?

Bark that’s gnarly and dark

Yet, at one time,

Young, white cedar saplings

Reached for the sky

Skin still tender, pale and weeping

The winds of life can do that, too

Blowing and howling against our young legs

Stand tall

 Be tough

 Weather the storms

But no matter how we lean and sway

We can’t avoid the winds

That push our unsteady lives away.


Geri Ryan-Harden
is a Speech and Language Pathologist who shares her love of words with fellow members of the Sweetgrass Writer’s Group.  She believes that words are the open windows that our innermost thoughts and feelings can fly through.  She lives in a lovely town in Michigan, continually looking for the elusive heron to photograph.