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July/August 2006

The Sun’s Miraculous Healing Energy

by Jeanie Christian

Over the years spending time in the sun has decreased due to the lifestyle changes of most Americans. Many have developed fear of the sun, resulting in their reluctance to go outside. When they do venture out, many use high SPF sunscreen and wear UV blocking sunglasses because the belief is that ultraviolet light is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

It’s no wonder. The multi-million dollar sunscreen industry perpetuates that fear. Sun dangers are publicized by the media and reinforced by many medical professionals. A lot of this information is inconsistent and inaccurate, therefore unreliable, leaving many people confused and not knowing what to believe.

In elementary school I learned that to be healthy we need to eat right, drink eight glasses of water everyday, get eight hours of sleep and plenty of sunshine. The health benefits of sunshine are nothing new. Not more than five decades ago there were hospitals, in the United States and Europe, designed specifically for sunlight treatment. The sun’s healing power is not a modern concept. From the beginning of time, people thrived under the sun’s energy.

In his book, The Earth Was Flat: Insight into the Ancient Practice of Sungazing, author Mason Howe Dwinell reveals that sun gazing - or sun meditation - was practiced in ancient times, for spiritual enlightenment. He points out that sun gazing is going through a renewal with thousands now practicing it. According to Dwinell, it is a scientifically proven and safe way to achieve health and balance of the body and mind. If sun gazing protocol is strictly followed, it has many therapeutic benefits, including improved eyesight. There have been reports that some are able to give up their corrective lenses.

Sunlight has many other health benefits. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increase heart performance, improve sleep, prevent infectious diseases and stabilize blood sugar levels. It also increases the oxygen levels of blood, assists in production of sex hormones and is a natural painkiller. Sunlight also helps alleviate seasonal affective disorder, chronic fatigue and depression. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and mold. UV exposure to skin activates the synthesis of Vitamin D which is essential for calcium assimilation.

In The Healing Sun - considered one of the most important health books of our time - author Richard Hobday states that sunlight can prevent and cure many diseases, including multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and some common cancers. His book provides evidence that sunshine is more beneficial than we are currently led to believe.

NBC Nightly News recently aired a piece on the health benefits of the sun. They stated that spending time in the sun decreases the risk of breast and colon cancer. The BBC News on February 2005 reported that exposure to sunshine - on unprotected bare skin - can actually prevent skin cancer.

The burning question remains: can the sun cause skin cancer? According to scientific studies…yes. However, the culprit is overexposure and sunburn. Like everything in life, moderation is the key. Eliminating sun exposure is not only unwise; it increases risk of serious health problems and chronic diseases. Reasonable sunlight exposure is necessary for our health and well-being. Hobday points out that early morning sunlight is most beneficial with moderate and regular exposure throughout the year.

So don’t deprive yourself of the sun’s miraculous healing energy by listening to myths and media hype. Take advantage of its health benefits. It’s no coincidence that we feel energetic when the sun is shining, and glum when it’s overcast. Sunlight is the source of energy for every living thing on earth. There would be no life without it. What could be more fundamental than sunshine? Besides… it’s free!

Jeanie Christian is a photographer and writer presently specializing in natural health and nutrition research and writing to help promote awareness of holistic medical techniques, herbal treatments, organic foods and other alternative ways of thinking and living in the world.

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